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Sports Hall

The 323Sqm Sports Hall, is a great Bristol event Space ideal for a multitude of different events.

Whether you are looking to host a sport or charity event, training day, birthday party or conference, this bright Space’s open floor plan allows you to tailor it to your preference.

Meeting Rooms

We also can offer a choice of two meeting rooms, each meeting room is 62sqm and are perfect for any small event.

Meeting room 1 has a hard floor and double doors allowing access to a small garden area. Within the room you will find a sink area. Making this room ideal for meetings, birthday party hire and those messy craft sessions.

Meeting room 2 is carpeted meeting room ideal for relation sessions, training or baby groups.

Whatever your event, the blank canvas nature of these spaces allows you to transform the rooms into the event of your choice and personalise the Space to your preference.

Therapy Room

We also can offer a small Therapy Room.

Suitable for 1:1 and small meetings, counselling and therapy sessions, or even massage and beauty treatments.

The clean white decor with the added benefit of a sink mean you can have the privacy you need when hiring this room.

Smart lighting enables a variety of lighting options to suit the mood.

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