Our Partnerships team, alongside representatives from Lyde Green Open Space group, the Lyde Green Online website, and other residents met with GreenSquare last week to discuss public open space management in Lyde Green. There have been many concerns from residents regarding which areas are managed, the frequency of work, and access to open spaces and we are working to get these issues resolved with them. 

Reporting Problems with Public Open Spaces
If you have any issues, you can now report them via this online reporting form (set up by residents) which GreenSquare will be checking weekly. You can view GreenSquare’s responses and updates here. Hopefully this system will reduce the duplication of admin work, allow residents to work together, and for GreenSquare to focus on issues that matter to residents.

GreenSquare have now agreed to hold regular meetings with a new residents working group, and have agreed to do joint inspections with residents too.

GreenSquare are working on their own website which they hope will go live at the end of August.
In the meantime, you can find out more information about GreenSquare including work updates here.

Lyde Green Sports Pitches 
We have raised concerns about access for the sports pitches and had some of our questions answered. We can confirm that the sports pitches are part of the open space provision in Lyde Green and residents CAN use the sports fields for ball games, walking, picnics and more.

However, the access onto the fields is currently via a locked gate on Howsmoor Lane or over stiles from the Park (near the BMX track). This is not ideal – especially for anyone with pushchairs, small children, or mobility issues. GreenSquare have agreed to install a gate instead in place of one of the stiles, and will also be changing the access at the Howsmoor Lane entrance. They have also agreed to install some signage so it’s clear what the rules are.

Please note that dogs are not permitted on the fields or in the park.