The Lyde Green Partnership meetings happen every quarter, bringing together representatives from local community groups like LGCA and Neighbourhood Watch, as well as the Council, Consortium, and other organisations that provide services or facilities to Lyde Green. Residents’ queries get fed into these meetings and LGCA seeks to get information to pass back to residents through our various communication streams (social media, news emails, our website, articles in local news and more).

Our last meeting was held in mid September. We were pleased South Glos Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team were able to come along to provide information and discuss recent issues. They’ve asked us remind residents to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to or telephone 01454 868582 (office hours).

We also discussed other local issues:

  • We’re looking forward to seeing parking signs and line marking on School Square shortly.
  • Issues with speed tables and traffic calming measures were also raised, and we’re hoping to see some progress to make the roads safer for residents shortly.
  • Sainsburys have recently submitted a planning application for the retail site next to the Community Centre – do have a look at the application and submit comments on the South Glos Council website here:
  • We asked partners for their support in getting action for the problems with the bad smells in the area and have our fingers crossed for a resolution soon. We understand Shortwood Landfill have now completed some works and are still investigating to pinpoint any issues. We’re also aware of some ongoing works at Westerleigh Abattoir to re-route pipework which may also be having an impact. Please keep reporting to the Environment Agency via the 24/7 number asap if you smell it: 0800 807060.

If you have any questions or concerns about the area that you’d like us to raise at future meetings, you can let us know by sending our Partnerships team an email at

There’s lots volunteers can do to help out with the LGCA Partnerships team, including helping us to keep in the loop with local issues, communicating with other residents, and taking minutes at the meetings. Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more!