The Lyde Green Partnerships group meets quarterly with representatives from South Gloucestershire Council, Emersons Green Town Council, GreenSquare, the Consortium, Lyde Green Primary School, Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch, Knightstone and Sovereign Housing, the Church and, of course, the LGCA.

We had a very productive meeting this month and all partners agreed to escalate a number of ongoing issues to South Gloucestershire Council’s Chief Executive for help to resolve them. We have now sent a letter and hope to receive a response soon.

Here are some key updates for you all:

– School Square –
The Square has been complete for around a year. However, a number of issues have stalled the opening and the group felt that the lack of progress is unacceptable and decided a letter should go out from the Partnership to the chief executive of South Glos Council with the aim of progressing the opening of the Square prior to the start of the new School term and the opening of the Community Hall. We’ll update you when we can.

– Retail – 
A large retailer is in discussions with the Council about the convenience store which is proposed next to the Community Hall. Hopefully a planning application will soon be submitted and residents should be able to express their views. No update is available regarding the two smaller units.

– Nursery –
After the original developer pulled out, a new developer and an interested nursery operator is now in talks with the Council. A planning application is expected shortly and the nursery should be open between September 2018 and January 2019.

– Park and BMX –
After a further delay caused by some issues with the paving contractor the park is likely to open towards the end of July. The letter going to South Glos Council expresses our concerns about the continued delays and requests a statement and formal response from them. We have also sought assurances that such extensive delays will be avoided in future.

The LGCA and Marie Burke are intending on running a number of events over the summer to help keep young people entertained – get in touch if you have any specific requests or are able to help!

Please remember to submit any comments you may have about the recent planning application for another park.…/applicationDetails.d…

– M4 Junction 18a Link –
We asked Emersons Green Town Council to consider running an open meeting to allow residents of Lyde Green to view the plans ahead of the consultation opening. Whichever option is chosen there will be an impact on Lyde Green and it’s important that as residents we all have the chance to express our views (positive or negative).

– Roads –
We’ve asked for an update on the adoption of the roads and enforcement of double yellows following the consultation earlier in the year and will update when we can.

We also repeated our request for contractors to park considerately in designated car parking areas and to keep Lyde Green tidy.

We hope that helps – if there is something we’ve not answered let us know and we’ll do our best to help!