We were asked by a local resident Andrew Clark to work with him in dealing with a number of issues that members of the local community were having with Leep utilities. This included overcharging, poor communication (customers weren’t able to get hold of Leep customer services teams), poor water quality  and issues with direct debits being taken incorrectly.

We have now been at two meetings with colleagues from Leep to ensure that Lyde Green customers get the water service they need. We agreed to compile a spreadsheet of local customers information that could be passed to Leep who would then deal with each specific issue with the customers directly. This spreadsheet has been passed to Leep who say that every customer they have contacted  has agreed that their issues have now been resolved, a few that Leep haven’t been able to contact have been sent letters asking for the customers to contact Leep to discuss this.

Today, Leep gave us the  presentation below to pass to the local community. They have asked us to reassure the community that any issues taken to them (or you can do this through the LGCA if you prefer) will be addressed. They are hoping to shortly be able to offer a service that will offer an individual account check (including a visit to your property) when customers are experiencing high bills to determine the reasons behind this.

We have one more follow up meeting with Leep in four weeks time. If you have issues that you are still unhappy about then please either contact Leep directly or email info@lydegreenca.org including your name, address and Leep account number and we will pass these to Leep.

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