We have been doing our best to find out why the alarm went off at the community centre over the weekend (16/06/18). The building is still owned by the Consortium and has yet to be transferred to the Council, and we were very concerned by the disturbance that this caused to those close by. We now understand that engineers have addressed a fault in the system, and that the Consortium’s agent failed to come out and silence the alarm. We would like to reassure everyone that once we take over management and responsibility for the building, there will be a system in place to prevent such unacceptable disturbances. It is our priority that the centre will be a good neighbour when we move in.

Transfer of the centre to the Council, and then to LGCA is hopefully in its final stages. Over the past 6 months, the identified snagging issues have been addressed. These have been a major source of the delays, and included the centre’s acoustics and the access road. We were excited to hear that handover would take place at the end of last month, however we were then surprised when further obstacles suddenly arose. The current delays are legal ones, and relate to the transfer plans. The Council and LGCA were confident that all was well, however we are now waiting for the Consortium’s legal team to agree to plans before transfer can happen. We had hoped that these had been resolved at an earlier date, but without mutual agreement the transfer cannot happen. Our aim, as always, is to get the centre open for our community. We are grateful to Chris Skidmore MP who, at our request, has intervened to help move this difficult process along. His support is particularly vital now the unexpected legal issues have arisen, and several deadlines have been missed.

As a small group of local unpaid volunteers with limited time, and just one part-time member of staff, meeting the demands of a growing charity, and dealing with large companies and organisations has been a big ask, and a new venture. Whilst it has been a challenging time for us in dealing with issues beyond our control, we have remained committed to securing a community centre that Lyde Green deserves. This has involved countless hours of work to keep things moving, and to be prepared. We are looking forward to putting these frustrations behind us, and creating an exciting and vibrant centre. We know progress has been slow, but we appreciate everyone’s patience. We hope that a resolution is just around the corner, and look forward to giving you some positive news as soon as we possibly can.