We’re thrilled to announce that the handover of Lyde Green Community Centre from the Consortium to South Gloucestershire Council has just been completed! This is fantastic news, and we can now start the process of moving into the centre, and getting it ready for opening. After so many delays, we’re looking forward to this new chapter.

Over the coming weeks we have to get this empty building fitted out so that the space can be used. This is a huge amount of work, but we’re going to work as swiftly as possible. This includes installing everything from furniture to fire extinguishers, and high chairs to hand-wash dispensers!

We’re shortly to have technical training so that we can understand how to effectively manage all the systems. Once we have the basic health and safety requirements dealt with, we’ll be inviting everyone who has expressed an interest in hiring the centre to come in, see the space, and make their booking. We’ll also be working with Coffee at Lyde to get the coffee shop up and running.

We’re very grateful to the Lyde Green Community for their patience – we have experienced the frustration first hand, so know how everyone feels. We’re very excited to be working towards an opening date, and getting the first activities in place. Most of all, we’re looking forward to seeing the centre busy, and being used by the people that it was built to serve.

We’ll let you know soon when we will be launching. In the meantime, you can follow our progress on the following channels:

Facebook         Website         Email         Instagram         Twitter
Facebook      Website        Email       Instagram     Twitter

See you soon!
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Alv Hirst
Community Development & Centre Manager

Email: info@lydegreenca.org
Tel: 07809 750545