Thank you so much to our 20+ volunteers (including children and Coffee at Lyde‘s dog!) who turned out to litter pick in the snow for Big Spring Clean in Lyde Green 2018

We all did a fantastic job!! In about 2 hours, we collected 30 bags of litter, 5 broken recycling boxes, a large broken purple plastic box, and a car alloy! Nearly 10 bags were collected from the footpath by the bridge over to Emersons Green Retail Park – and that wasn’t even all of it! A massive difference has been made to lots of public areas including the Park. A huge thank you to everyone who came along for all your hard work!

The litter pick was held in partnership with Lyde Green Neighbourhood Watch and Lyde Green Open Space group. Thank you to South Gloucestershire Council and Emersons Green Town Council for lending us litter picking equipment. Thank you also to GreenSquare who turned up to help on the day.

South Gloucestershire Council collected the litter for us after our event and we’ve reported the bulky/heavy waste (such as rubble and road signage) to GreenSquare to collect too.


Sadly there’s still more litter out there so we’re going to be planning another litter pick this Summer. If you want to organise your own litter pick at any time, either with a group or your family/friends, you can! You can contact Emersons Green Town Council or South Gloucestershire Council to borrow litter picking equipment to help make our area a cleaner and tidier place!

To find out more about the South Gloucestershire Big Spring Clean, visit