As we’re sure most of you know, the revised timetable for the park envisaged it being open in mid-June but sadly this has not been met. This is obviously disappointing and is certainly not the outcome we were hoping for.

The latest information we have from the Consortium (who are responsible for building the park) is that the safety matting will be installed next week. They have also advised that footpaths will be finished during the week of the 3rd July (subject to the weather as it must be warm and dry). The RoSPA (safety) inspection has been booked for the first week in July. And legal agreements are being prepared alongside the work in readiness for the transfer to GreenSquare.

We have been working hard to ensure that those responsible understand the importance of the park to the community and acknowledge that the delays are not acceptable. We have also tried to help things move along as quickly as possible by liaising with the team at South Glos Council who are responsible for monitoring progress and have also been pushing the Consortium for progress and better communication. Councillor Rachael Hunt has also been working with us to push things forward.

We have been assured that the Consortium, GreenSquare and the site teams are working hard to complete and hand the park and all other public open space areas to GreenSquare as quickly as it is physically possible.

We will continue to engage with the other parties and will keep you all updated when we have news.

Fingers crossed!