Our Story

The story behind, how Lyde Green Community Association became the charity that it is today.

“It all started with a vision to bring people together, helping our new community to grow into a stronger community for the future.”

“A centre ran by the community, for the community, much more than just a building”.

So how did it all begin…

I asked, Kelly Adams, 35 who has been a resident of Lyde Green since February 2015 how The Lyde Green Community Association all began.

“It began, when myself and a few other residents started talking on the local Facebook group.

One resident said “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a community Christmas tree where we could all gather and sing carols during the Christmas period.”

I agreed, and offered my time, alongside others, to help make this happen.

From the initial discussions that were had, there became a high amount of interest from people that wanted to come together to meet their neighbours, as well as the wider community.

Lyde Green was a very new development which feel quite isolating living here in the beginning. However, we were all on the same page, where we wanted to bring a sense of community to a new area, where people could feel connected and supported by one another.

I arranged a meeting with some of the residents, including Emily and James, who became our first Secretary and Treasurer, alongside myself standing as Chair.

We were lucky enough to have support from the beginning from people like

Marie Burke (Knightstone) which is now LivWest,

Scott from Sovereign Housing and also

Teresa and Sally from St James Church, who in the following months became Trustees.

Together we organised a very successful first event and in Christmas 2015 we brought the Community together for the very first time.

It was a brilliant atmosphere where we had lots of amazing feedback and so we decided to form the Association properly, become constituted and carry on bringing the community together, this is where Lyde Green Community Association was began.

Seeing everyone celebrating together, meeting new people and children playing happily alongside the response we received, was more than a good enough reason to carry on.  

We worked alongside Marie and Scott to see what else we could offer. Making no delay in organising a Summer event which was to be the first, of our now Annual ‘Summer Sizzler’.  

After our first Summer Sizzler in Summer 2016 we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Emily and James, but we were fortunate to welcome Laura and Bob O’brien onboard and started recruiting more trustees to build the Association.

Whilst busy with organising and planning, we worked with Marie to bring together the Lyde Green Partnership meetings. This was our chance to be the voice of the community and make sure that Lyde Green residents had the chance to be heard.

We carried out some online engagement and attended our first meeting, taking with us a list of questions from the community for the local partners. Today this continues to run quarterly and is now chaired by our Staff and Trustees.

We also spent the next few months attending Meetings at South Gloucestershire Council after being invited to find out more about the new Community Centre which had been proposed to be built in Lyde green.  

“Little did we know that we would later become a charitable incorporated charity ready to take on the management and running of the Community Centre as you know it today.”  

This was a huge decision for us as an Association, this was not something that we had any experience in or we had ever taken on before, but we all agreed it was important to do this on behalf of the community. Ensuring that no management company would be running it in a way that it was not intended.

We wanted to ensure that the centre belonged to and became the heart of the community as well as a welcoming hub for all.  

“A centre ran by the community, for the community, much more than just a building”.  

As we became Lyde Green Community Association it was important that whatever we did as an Association, we did for the benefit of the community, to help the community grow together.  

In April 2017 Lyde Green Community Association became a registered charity (Registered Charity number 1172725), which provides a solid foundation for us to further develop our positive contribution to Lyde Green.  

In September 2018, Lyde Green Community Centre, opened its doors.

We host a variety of classes and activities throughout the day, 7 days a weeks.