The LGCA began with a few residents wanting to bring people together with events and create a sense of community. Nearly 2 years on, we’re still doing this but we have become much more! We now have a strong committee and over 100 members who share our aims and receive regular updates. We hope we are becoming a trusted voice within Lyde Green.

We now also have different teams working on events, local partnerships, engaging with young people, the upcoming community hall and more: all of whom are working hard to strengthen our growing community for the future.

I’ve now been the Chair of the LGCA for the past year and also lead the events team who have provided several seasonal events including Summer Sizzlers and Christmas events.

Someone recently asked me “Why? Why do you do this?”
I have since thought about what this question really means, giving me an chance to reflect for myself. My “why” is the purpose, passion and belief in our community which inspires and drives me.

Being part of a growing community is incredibly important to me and I’ve been able to see how vital local groups and clubs are to help encourage and develop this. It is a real pleasure and something I’m very happy to be involved with. Through chairing the committee, events and other volunteer roles, I have learnt new skills, gained qualifications and made some great friends along the way; all whilst helping to make Lyde Green a better place!

After being lucky enough to meet and speak to so many residents and local organisations, I must say I’m uplifted by the community spirit already fostered within our area. It’s the kindness, desire to help and willingness to support each other that enables us to grow stronger together.

As Lyde Green continues to grow with new residents, community buildings, clubs, and more events on the horizon, so will our community spirit. So here’s to another positive year ahead!

Kelly Adams
LGCA Chairperson