Hopefully you will all have seen the good news that we have now welcomed our new Community Development and Centre Manager, Alv Hirst, who started work with us on 28th November. You can find a message from him on our Facebook page here. Alv has hit the ground running and you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the near future!

We’re moving closer to opening the doors of the Lyde Green Community Centre, but despite our best efforts things are moving slower than we expected. There are a number of things that the local authority, South Gloucestershire Council, (from whom we will lease the building) are trying to resolve with the Consortium before they’re able to hand us the keys.

Like most new homes there are snags that need to be resolved, and the Centre is a huge and complex building. It’s vital they’re addressed to ensure a comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone.

We’re frustrated by the delay as we’ve put in a lot of hard work to get to this point and want everyone to be able to start using this fantastic, modern, new space as soon as possible, but we are committed to getting things right. We’re grateful for your continued patience and support while we continue to push all involved to ensure the building is to the correct standards of comfort, accessibility and safety that you are entitled to expect. Our commitment is to work hard for you and the community to secure a definite date to open and we’ll let you know as soon as we have confirmation.

In the meantime if you have any questions, or have any ideas about how you would like to use the Centre, you can get in touch with our Community Development and Centre Manager, Alv Hirst, at info@lydegreenca.org. He’s already based in the area, and would be happy to meet up with you for a chat.

We apologise that we don’t have news of the anticipated January opening, but we are working hard to make the most of the additional time to get your Centre ready for a flying start. We look forward to seeing you then.

– The Community Centre team

Image from Oxford Architects: Architect for the Lyde Green Community Centre project